Thursday, 2 July 2009

Ancient Scruby: 54mm wargaming

Back in the day when he was still John and not Jack (at least for formal occasions) these pictures show Jack Scruby wargaming with 54mm figures a la H G Wells, using a gridded playing surface.

These pictures are from Making and Collecting Military Miniatures, a book by Bob Bard and published in the States in 1957. I am indebted to Doug from Unfashionably Shiny for drawing this book to my attention. One chapter considers wargaming at the time in the United States, including rules, on Wellsian lines.

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Mike said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures - I had not seen these before today. As a side note; many of the 54mm fgures pictured were sold off piecemeal over the years, sadly the collection is no longer intact. I may have a few in my collection, but most of mine are from a slightly later time (early 1960s).