Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Small mystery about Lamming Napoleonics....

If the idea of a small mystery involving Lamming Napoleonics ranges, Charles Grant's book Napoleonic Wargaming, Peter Gilder and the Wargames Holiday Centre piques your curiosity, you might like to take a look at my latest two posts on the Old Metal Detector blog here and here.


Graham C said...

Love these mysteries is it worth chatting to ERM miniatures I know he bought Lamming moulds etc for the majority of the ranges and may know something as he did see Bill at the time.
I know Bill died a couple of years ago so anything left and retained by him will have most probably gone!

Vintage Wargaming said...

Graham I have talked to Tony at ERM over the years, including offering him figures from which to make new moulds to cast the SYW range again. He said at the time that Bill L had no recollection of that range at all - even though i'd bought his display figures for it from him at auction around before Tony asked him for me -so I'm not sure he would have remembered about one or two figures. We'll never know no.

Graham C said...

That's really unfortunate, I hope you can find someone to mould and cast the SYW range

Anonymous said...

I had quite a large collection of SYW Lamming figures, which i bought from Bill Lamming
back in 1968 - i guess some 150 or so figures. In 1975 i asked a friend to look after my collection as i was going abroad to work, apparently the shed were he stored them
was broken into and my collection stolen. I also remenber buying Lamming figures
in Bill pierce's shop "The garrison" In Harrow.
Bill Lamming also converted some figures for me (special order) such as kettle drummers
for my cavalry - some of the best figures ever made..

Alister Sharman (Munich)