Sunday, 23 September 2018

Desert Update 2

Thanks to Carl (in another place) pointing out these figures are now up on the Pictart web site and can be ordered on line using the site’s shopping basket. The codes have changed from the list in the previous post, but this doesn’t matter as there is a photo of each figure which you will see when ordering.

Visit Pictart Studios to look or buy.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vintage Wargaming said...

Hi could the person who posted a comment here on 24th October contact me again? I’ve only just seen it, approved it, then saw it contained your email address and thought you might not want to make this public. After I deleted the published comment I realised I didn’t have the text of the original any more. If you could let me know the date of the advert/photo you were looking for I might be able to help

Rob said...

I tried the Pictart link but there was nothing about any figures listed is the link correct?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob

Link is correct but the shop seems to have disappeared from the web site. I suggest you click on the telephone icon at top right of home page and you will be able to email Martin. If you find there is a new web url please let me know and I will amend on the post

Anonymous said...

Just sent Martin an email thru the Pictart page regardng these. Hope he responds. DO you now happen to have pics of the Arabs painted up? Thx, Bill

Vintage Wargaming said...

Bill as per previous comment they seem to have disappeared from the web site. Any updated info welcome.

Mine are undercoated but well down the painting queue, partly because I can’t find my Legion infantry figures.

It would be a shame if they are no longer available as they are good figures.