Sunday, 13 November 2016

Rospak peltasts

I was contacted by Alan who had these Rospak Peltasts for sale. There were 18 figures, one of whom has a broken javelin.



Colin Ashton said...

They take me back!

johntheone said...

I would have these to add to the hoplit I have

Phil said...


Bob Kett said...

I assume that these figures are made of plastic? I was wondering if you know whether they were later cast in metal by Ros? My reason for asking is that I am trying to record the complete Ros 25mm range on my blog "Ros 25mm Figures". I know that Ros listed ancient figures and it may be possible that they simply cast the Rospaks in metal? The figures that I am aware of that appear in the Ros 25mm listings are: Persian Immortals, Persian Foot Archers, Rhodian Slingers and Roman Auxiliary Moorish Cavalry.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Bob, I just came across your Ros blog a week or ten days ago, good luck with it. Yes the Rospak figures were in hard plastic - there is an article on them at Plastic Soldier review here:

I've never seen any suggestion that they were reissued in metal, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen -- you'd need someone to send you some pictures of the metal ancients to compare to work out either way