Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A disappointing landmark

I've just noticed that due to what seems to have been a surge of robot activity in the last couple of days the total page views for the site have gone over 500,000.

I would have preferred to do this through actual readers, but there you go.


Joe Johnston said...

I still enjoy your blog, and I have only a few electronic parts.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Thanks Joe.

James Adelaide said...

I too appreciate your site.

I bought the original of one of the sealion articles, tried to get the others, but the way they imported magazines then, it was pot-luck when they arrived, and luck if you could find any specific issue. A complete collection was not possible

Your site has allowed me to finally read the entire sealion series, and see issues of a magazine I tried to read at the time, but was unable to.

Thank you

James Adelaide

ps. perhaps a button is too easy for a robot, you might have to do the distorted letters and numbers, robot scanning cannot cope with that (yet)