Thursday, 4 December 2014

By Request

This is John Norris's Introduction to the Seven Years War article (Part 1) from Wargamer's Monthly magazine. So far it is uncertain that there ever was a part two, which is a shame as it would have covered the figures, rules and books available in 1977 for this conflict.


johnpreece said...

No, there definitely were no further editions.

I don't want to rake ancient grievances but I can distinctly remember there was a good deal of comment over unfilled orders for books and Mr Hogan's business venture was not a success. He may have overextended himself financially. Or not, my memory is increasingly fallible.

Shame really, I bought the magazine in Smiths liked it and waited hopefully for the second issue.

John Norris was editor of Slingshot for a while. (your bonus Christmas fact.)


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Excellent! Thank you. What a shame there was neither a second, nor subsequent issues.

Best Regards,


Colin Ashton said...

I actually remember this magazine really well for some obscure reason! There was only ever the one issue which is a shame.

Big Andy said...

Not sure if its relevant but the colour pics are from - or were published in the Blandford on the 7YW.
As for magazines- anyone remeber Soldier On! - it didn't lasted 4 issues or Model soldier- which lasted a couple of years or more- Both had wargame content

old john said...

think i have a copy somewhere of Soldier On, and didn't editor of Model Soldier moved on/started up Miniature Wargames ?

cheers Old John