Friday, 27 June 2014

Acorn Antiques (well, Vintage)

Old John has been keeping me in the loop in his efforts to track down information on a range called Acorn Napoleonics. These were made by Platoon 20, designed by the late Dave Allsop when he lived in Northern Ireland, and produced by Cameron Robinson. The aim was to provide decently proportioned 25mm figures at a basic price. They were intended to be bought in bulk and were rank and file figures only - you were expected to buy officers etc elsewhere. The range included French, British, Austrian, and possibly Prussian and Russian Line Infantry, with grenadiers where applicable. There is a suggestion there may have been some medieval figures as well. They were sold at Northern Militaire, at some point in the late 70s or early 80s. As they were intended to be cheap figures it is probable not many survive.

Does anyone have any further information on these figures? I would be interested in any photographs, listings or old adverts which may have appeared in Military Modelling at the time.


Wg Cdr Luddite said...

The NI connection suggests Model Figures and Hobbies of Groomsport. I seem to remember there was a connection wih Platoon 20.

I last ordered some 1:1200 aircraft from them about 10 years ago but got a receipt back from them with the name of a completely different company on it. Sorry, but I can't find the paperwork right now. I don't think MFH still trade as an entity but I'll bet the man behind it might have the info you require.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Thanks - that's Cameron Robinson, who is wehre the imformation so far hase come from

Neil Patterson said...

The "medievals" were Swiss; I remember an advert showing a pikeman with some variants inc a handgunner?

Seem to remember them being 20mm or very small 25mm?

Advert would be around the 1980s?


Vintage Wargaming said...

Thanks Neil

James Shepherd said...

Hi! I have about 80 of the swiss pikemen, bought back in the late 70s I guess. I think I had seen some at a wargames show, probably Norhtern Militaire. I did a mail order for them. They came in a small carton, with sawdust in it? shredded paper packing. I still have them in black undercoat! my Swiss Army being very much a work in progress. James

Big Andy said...

Adverts certainly appeared for these in Battle and Mil Mod- Dave Allsop being a good Friend there were only marching and avancing I think . I'll check out some late 70s early 80s Mil mods - and yes they were under the then Platoon 20 lable- Incidentally anyone know anything about DS figure- I have few 25mm is Napoleonic Highlabder so marked- I'mm assuming DS was Dave Sparrow but I don't know for sure.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Andy, DS = David Scheinmann and the figures are Tradition 25mm.

Vintage20Mil says

"In the early 1970s Roy Belmont-Maitland got together all of the one-inch figures made by Charles Stadden over the previous dozen or so years and then he commissioned another designer, David Scheinmann [Belmont-Maitland’s nephew], to complete the range" Colonel Lindstrom told us.

The David Scheinemann figures while good are not the same standard as the Charles Stadden original figures. I'm not sure whether those stamped DS were only these later figures or whether all the castings were stamped this once the addityions had been made.

Big Andy said...

Ihave a few of the Stadden designed 25mm and they are different .Not only are the DS figs a little chunkier but the bases are much thicker

Vintage Wargaming said...

Andy, can you post a photo of them on your blog?


Anonymous said...

I own a number of Acorn Austrian musketeer and grenadier figures, as well as a few French Old Guard. I used to have a couple of British Line Battalions, but gave then to a friend of mine. I'll see if I can get some reasonable photos for you.
I must admit that I always assumed that the figures had been an early foray into wargames figures by the Perry twins, for Platoon 20, as the Austrians in particular are very similar to their Foundry style,