Saturday, 10 May 2014

A couple of S Range units

I have finally gotr round to photographing these for my Lone S Ranger blog.

First up are six Franco Prussian War French Dragooms

Then a unit of AWI Highlanders, reinforced by two piopers and a mounted officer adapted from the jacobite Rebellion range.

I know the painting isn't up to much, but they remind me how much I like the old S Range figures more and more the more I look at them.


Mosstrooper said...

I remember having some of the Mini Figs SYW figures when I first started gaming 40 + years ago - still hold their attraction !

Steve Gill said...

Good to see the S Range, thanks for the pictures.

They were the first metal figures I ever bought, but by the time I'd saved up enough pocket money to get a few more, they'd been removed from sale. This wasn't to be the only time I was inconvenienced by a manufacturer over the following decades, but it is still perhaps the single most disconcerting episode :-)

Vintage Wargaming said...

Yes Steve, that's exacrly how I felt.

Eleswhere Ronan has said the Highlanders are in classic air guitar pose - I'd never though of it that way before but as soon as he said it I realised he was utterly right....

John Hargreaves said...


Have you by any chance come across this video on Youtube?

History of Tin Soldiers, Part 2
Steven Lloyd

It is a Russian TV programme. At the end of part 2 there is a description of a diary in which wargaming is described, much like the diary about the figures described in the Antiques Roadshow segment.

Yours, John H

Vintage Wargaming said...

Hi John, no I hadn't seen it, and like you say it is interesting for its parallels with the Keefs and Georland.

I've put a post about this with the embdded YouTube video both here and on the Georland blog.

Thankyou for pointing this out to me - it is very interesting.