Wednesday, 13 November 2013

That Terry Wise article

Thanks to Matt and indirectly to old John, here is a scan of the Airfix magazine article by Terence Wise from Airfix Magazine July 1978.

I'm afraid the quality of the scan isn't so good though I have put it through Paint Shop to sharpen up the text (the photos are particularly poor though)


Sun of York said...

I used to love these articles. I recall some for the renaissance using the new 8th Army set. I did do some Cretan archers using the Robin Hood set or might have been the Sheriff of Nottingham. Used hats from the WW1 US infantry. I just did about 3 and think I still might have one - the plastic proved brittle over the years and I know one or two shattered.

Simon Miller said...

I recall fighting a large Austrian army simply converted from the Airfix Guards set, around 1976. I think they had just trimmed the busbies into shakos. Looked superb to me, at the time!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks indeed for your help. I am very grateful. I will read the articles again and recreate that old Airfix Austrian army of mine.

Best regards


Cesar Paz said...

Thank you very much for sharing. It would be nice find the whole serie.