Sunday, 29 September 2013

S Range Crimean war Armies

As always, click on photos to enlarge.

I have been working on completing (hah!) my S Range Crimean war armies. I don't offer these as example of painting (mine is very basic and based on as neat block painting as I can achieve) or particularly wonderful figures (though I think they are charming). I do think they look good en masse and I'm quite pleased with the overall effect.The Crimean Range was among the later figures produced under the S Range banner and also is of interest for coming out at the time Minifigs were moving from one piece cavalry to separate riders and horses; certainly some of the Crimean Types came out in both formats, so marking this transition.

I still need to add flags - I have some rather nice Adolfo Ramos ones but they are ever so slightly too large for the S Range standard bearers, so I need to extend some flag poles; also they do not cover all the units I need to cover. My Turks are waiting for a couple of suitable artillery pieces (the British have four Hinchliffe guns I had to had; there are plenty of Russian artillerymen but so far they only have French Napoleonic cannon. The French contingent is future project. Franco Prussian War and Jacobite Rebellion will be my next S Range projects.I do have other Crimean figures, mainly from Douglas and Hinton Hunt, but I would be reluctant to use them together.

When I started out I decided to mount figures individually on MDF bases, 20 mm x 20 mm for foot and 20mm x 40 mm for mounted figures. I have now added a stock of suitably sized close order trays from War Bases to accommodate my units. I am rather pleased with the results.

I'm intending to post these and maybe a few more pictures with fuller captions over on the Lone S Ranger blog.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Wonderful! Were time and money no object, the Crimean War would be one of my first choices for another wargaming period. How did you go about finding and collecting the figures you've used for this particular collection?

Best Regards,


Vintage Wargaming said...

Stokes - you were very quick off the mark with your comment. Would you like to take a cyber stroll over to the Lone S Ranger where there is now a series of posts which might help answer your question.


tradgardmastare said...

Lovely work! Well done to you!