Friday, 9 November 2012

Groves & Benoy - the Light Company

It seems that these figures represent the 33rd Foot (Yorkshire West Riding Regiment). This is a bit of a poser as they didn't serve in the Peninsular War, as far as I can determine. However, the other two lots from this seller, which Harry Pearson bought, comprise battalion company and grenadier company men from this regiment, as shown by the Regimental Colour they carry.

The light company seem to have two Rifles officers attached (and I'm sure Brig Benoy had never heard of Richard Sharp). O)ne of the light company officers seems to be a Frenchman with a paint job.

The sergeants are decorated with sashes appropriate to their rank.

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Benjamin of Wight said...

Can't be the 33rd; yellow facings. how strange.