Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Looking for Neil Cogswell

I've had a request from Patrick who is trying to make contact with Neil Cogswell (of War of Bombar Succession fame)regarding Horace St Paul, an Englishman who served in the Seven Years War. Patrick believes Mr Cogswell has studied Horace St Paul in some depth and would like to ask for some help regarding a volume of St Paul's correspondence published in 1904.

If anyone is in contact with Mr Cogswell and could help put Patrick in touch with him,
please could you respond using the link in "Contacting Vintage Wargaming" at the top of this page.


mekelnborg said...

I don't know where he is but I can vouch for his books, and would like very much to add to my incomplete collection of them. One is within arm's reach right now and, although very well-worn, is full of Horace St. Paul's material.

When my book was published by Gralene Books, that publisher was in Guisborough, England.

It may be possible to find old copies of the quarterly, Seven Years' War Association Journal, many issues of which have articles by Mr Cogswell on the St Paul papers. If interested in those the blogger Der Alte Fritz may know where some of those can be found.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Thanks everyone - contact has now been made with Mr Cogswell

Der Alte Fritz said...

I still have a lot of back issues of the SYWA Journal available for $5.00 each plus postage.

Jim Purky (Der Alte Fritz)