Wednesday 13 June 2012

Gary Gygax on Fantasy Battles

From Wargamer's Newsletter #127, from October 1972.


Ross Mac said...

Good to hear more from Gygax. Its also given me some food for thought on adding some fantasy elements to my Elastolin collection and a use for the new 30mm SS Robin Hoods!

Chris Kutalik said...

These Gygax articles are great finds. Love the kitbashing.

Zenopus Archives said...

Thanks for posting this.

Marx Megatherium (Giant Sloth), from the '60s-'70s.

MurdocK said...

The pure creativity of such conversions is lost on so many of the newer 'gamers' that are used to exactly the mini for the creature.

I shall be doing some conversions of my own to the Prince August castings to make up some British Heavy Dragoons and Guard Cavalry as they are so small in number that going out to find 'correct' models is a waste.

Plus there is a certain feeling of accomplishment upon such conversion completions.