Thursday, 3 May 2012

Vintage20Mil off line

For those of you who like me rely on the Vintage20Mil site, and for whom it's current unavailability is a problem, here is the link for the Way back Machine internet archive which will let you view a stored version of the site from July last year.

I'm told the current absence of the site is due to changes being made by the site's host. I hope this will be temporary but it is comforting to think you can still access this very valuable resource.


Mike Taber said...

Thanks for the link. I went to look something up the other day on the Vintage20Mil site and try as I might, I could only come up with the first page (maybe the Wayback Machine was having troubles). Anyhow, now I can continue my research...

Borderreiver said...

Just a quick note to say thank you for the link you provided to Vintage 20 Mil. I too use it quite frequently, at least once per month, and the site's absence is a loss.

Many thanks again!