Sunday, 4 March 2012


Thanks to Stryker over at the Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargames blog I have been able to fix the problem of pictures not enlarging when you click on them. Hopefully no problems now - if you have any trouble, please let me know.


4th Cuirassier said...

This is actually O/T but I am wondering if you have a copy of the Hinchliffe Handbook (I used to) and whether it lists the 54mm equipment ranges in their totality?

Nowadays I collect 28mm Napoleonic and 54mm WW2 and I am wondering what else was in the Hinchliffe 54mm range besides what I see on fleabay.

There was a PAK97 and a PAK38, and I have seen a German 20mm single cannon too, but those are all I know of.

FWIW I contacted Skytrex in the last few months and they confirmed they have the 54mm Hinchliffe moulds, but haven't any plans at all to reissue models off them.

Wonder if they'd take an offer...?

The Old Metal Detector said...

Yes I do have a copy. It doesn't list any 54mm WW11 though - it has 54mm pages including Napoleonic Artillery, Victorian Artillery, American Civil War Artillery, Indian Gunners, WW1, Micellaneous Equipment, and French Napoleonic Ambulances