Saturday, 4 February 2012

False Alarm on e-bay

Minifigs S Range Jacobite Rebellion figures

Continuing the promised Jacobite Rebellion semi-theme, there was a brief flurry of excitement here at VW Towers last week when a lot appeared on e-bay claiming to be Lamming figures. The excitement was caused by their being Seven Years War figures - these are the mythical figures referred to by Stuart Reid in his Miniature Warfare articles - "I recommend Lamming for French troops and Elcho's lifeguard (Lamming British Horse Guard)" December 1970 and "Lamming have now stopped producing Seven Years' War figures" January 1972. I and several others (including Vintage 20mil) have been unable to locate any figures, pictures or listings of this range.

The eBay figures turned out to be Front Rank 25/28s so the mystery remains. If anyone has any further information, pictures, or even examples of these figures, I would be very glad to hear from you.

The accompanying pictures are of the Minifigs S Range for this conflict. These are very nice figures which came out in time for the second of Stuart Reid's articles refereed to above.


DC said...

Has anyone asked Bill Lamming himself?

DeanM said...

I'm not familiar with the range you're referring to, but wonder why the seller listed them incorrectly - especially Front Rank of all makers. Best, Dean

old john said...

I'm the poor mug who bought them, not one of my better decisions!! seller i feel didn't know much about wargaming figures and just relied on what he was told
Love the Jacobite cavalry, must get some

Vintage Wargaming said...

The word from ERM when they took over the 25mm ranges which B&B Miniatures used to do was that all the 20mm ranges and moulds are long gone. Tony from ERM will ask Bill, though

Vintage Wargaming said...

Old John - can you spot the three legged horse in the picture? If I said "One-Armed Donkey", would anyone know what I was talking about?

MSFoy said...

OMD - there's a tripod horse front left in the 1st pic.

The only one-arm donkey I know was an exercise from a fitness class where you did various leg-kicking movements with one hand on the floor.