Thursday, 5 January 2012

Callan goes to war...again

My thanks to Conrad Kinch of Joy and Forgetfulness for a copy of Military Modelling Magazine from May 1974, with this brief article and pictures, which I had not seen before.I am pleased to be able to include the picture from elsewhere in the magazine of Edward Woodward (or is it Callan?) reading Military Modelling on set.

The Notice Board column in the same magazine also provided the small picture of Peter Gilder's Waterloo at Hull for Anglia TV - something seems to have gone geographically wrong there.

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Benjamin of Wight said...

EdWoodWoodWood is reading the first edition of Mil Mod I ever bought - On Liverpool Lime St Station on the way from Dewsbury to stay with my Grandparents - Series 77 Napoleon in Egypt Dromodary Corps on the front I seem to recall