Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vintage Wargaming Jackdaw!: Wargaming in Ireland starts fight with Peace and Disarmament Committee, November 1977

Anyone remember Jackdaws? They were folders containing facsimile documents about historical events. There must have been a fair few - I have a copy of the Peninsular War one, which lists 115 titles plus 24 Canadian Jackdaws. Of these, quite a few had military connections - if there is interest I may try to research further for a separate post.

My attempt at a Vintage Wargaming Jackdaw concerns a controversial meeting of the Wargamers Association of Trinity College Dublin in November 1977. My thanks to Conrad Kinch of Joy and Forgetfulness and his wife's uncle, who collected this original material. I should probably point out that the issue was really about NATO and possible Irish membership, rather than wargaming per se.

I think the material represents the views of both sides.

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