Saturday, 15 October 2011

Painting faces the Dick Higgs way

Dick Higgs, Miniature Figurine's principal designer, provided this guide as part 3 of his series Painting for Beginners in Minimag Magazine, appearing in 1971.

The beginning of a slippery slope, as far as I am concerned... I won't even mention deacls for eyes and kilts on 28mm figures....


Paul´s Bods said...

Eyes are tricky things ..especially in 20mm..I once spent over an hour trying to get the expression of the eyes right on one figure...can be done but it costs a lot of patience.

MSFoy said...

I'm sure this is a correct approach, but my soldiers are lucky to get a pink splodge in the right area, never mind scary eyeballs.

mekelnborg said...

I saw a face on Peter's Cave the other day that looked like a photograph of a real person, on a 1/72 plastic fig, but it was just a sepia shade over flesh on part of the face.

It is possible that the enlarged photo and the look on a table are not the same thing, also, but this photo looked good. No eyeballs except that you could see the sculpt inside the shadow.

I don't see eyeballs until very very close to people on the street, way too close actually, the point when I wonder if they are robbers, and tense muscles for it, the last two steps.

I see some shadow, as a grey, especially in sunlight, and not much more at even 10-20 yards let alone further away, especially when they have a hat with visor on.

Could be just me, but those google-eyes I see around are garish and off-putting. Looks bad to me.