Sunday, 3 July 2011

René North,

For a long time the only uniform book I owned was Rene North's Military Uniforms 1686-1918, published by Hamlyn all-colour paperbacks. The scan is of the cover of my original copy, and it is only now looking at it for the post that I have realised the plates aren't by North himself, but by John Berry.

Rene North was also the author of the Almarks on Soldiers of the Peninsular War and on Waterloo. He published a series of colour-in-yourself uniform cards.

The biographical note from Military Uniforms reads:

Rene North is a keen student of costume and military affairs, and has lectured, written articles, and translated books about the uniforms of war. He runs a small private business producing military postcards, and travels extensively to do research from first-hand sources in museums, libraries, art galleries and private collections. He is often in demand as a consultant to theatrical and advertising agencies on matters of military dress. During the Second World War he served in the Royal Artillery and the Intelligence Corps.

Incidentally, if anyone can let me know how to put an e acute in text in blogger, I will revisit this post...


Big Andy said...

He also made card cut out sdoldiers- I used to have a few I think Gawd knows where they went.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog. Reminds me how young I used to be. Keep up the great work.


rothcomilitaryclothing said...

very nice post...i really appreciate you for this.

MSFoy said...

Clive - accented vowels in blogs - I keep a text member consisting of accented stuff on the desktop which I made up in Word, and just copy and paste the beggars when needed. You would think that Blogger would allow a symbol insert, but then it doesn't like non-American spelling, so maybe foreign = out of scope.