Thursday, 11 November 2010

Springwood Plastics

Thanks to a swap with Fire at Will I have now got my greasy fingers on some Springwood Plastics figures. As I mentioned in earlier posts these seem to have completely slipped under my radar when they first came out. They are smart practical wargames figures which I could imagine working well with, say, Rose metals. The figures here are British infantry painted by Will as Portuguese.


Fire at Will said...

Glad to see they have arrived safely.


Anonymous said...

I went out for dinner in Bedford today and had a conversation with a gentleman aged 81 named Alec who now lives in Biggleswade and was originally from Oxford. I asked him about his hobbies and he told me about his range of figures he made back in the 70's under the company name of spring wood. He never got to finish the cavalry as he was starting to need money and had to get a new job. Which he did in the ministry of defence. A very nice chap. Just thought I would share with you. Darren Cimelli Bedford. (I recommended he looked on the web for people who collect them)