Thursday, 7 October 2010

The War of the Bombar Succession Part 4: The Siege of Bombar - 1752 by Neil Cogswell, Wargamer's newsletter 84 March 1969

I am glad to resume posting of the classic War of Bombar Succession articles by Neil Cogswell from Wargamer's Newsletter.

For previous posts I had scanned the articles through optical character recognition software and then undertaken quite a bit of editing, as the quality of reproduction of the earlier articles were low. This was very time consuming, and I have changed my main computer since then and do not have this facility on the printer/scanner attached to it. The quality of reproduction improved in the later Wargamer's Newsletters so I have gone with simply adding scans of the originals to this post.

Hopefully this approach will also mean that I will be able to complete posting the series much more quickly. If you have been waiting for the later instalments in this series, thanks for your patience.

This particular article may also be of interest to those of you who have been following the recent theme on sieges.

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