Monday, 2 August 2010

The Don Reviews Lachouque

from Wargamer's Newsletter # 204, March 1979

One of the pleasures of looking through old copies of Wargamer's Newsletter is browsing the book reviews, either for reviews of classic books, or mentions of books which have previously escaped you notice. With the advent of the interweb and sites like Abebooks (or even e-bay) it is much easier to track down and obtain some of these more obscure titles.

Falling firmly in the classic category is this review of Lachouuque's (or more properly perhaps Tranie and Carmigniani's) Napoleon's War in Spain.

My own copy is of the Arms and Armour Press English language edition of 1982. The format of the book is a little too wide for my scanner but hopefully the picture gives a good impression of the cover.

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Fire at Will said...

a fortune at 195 Francs, I picked my copy up for a fiver a few years back