Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sand Table Top Teaser

In the recent post on Don Featherstone's terrain article on sand tables, I mentioned that I had found a copy of the book he mentions, Building and Modelling Sand Tables, by Sgt.-Major T W Sloman, on Abebooks. Reader, I bought it. One thing led to another and I bought Valentine's More Sand Table Exercises, too. And I'm waiting for Valentine's Sand Table Exercises to arrive by post. And the only copy of Mountain Warfare on the Sand Model I could find is in Australia and postage is prohibitive.

You get the idea...

My copy of More Sand Table Exercises is a Seventh Edition, published in 1941. The exercises are interesting tactical problems so I thought I would post one here. I chose Exercise No. 5, The Platoon and Section in Defence, mainly because in Sloman's book there is a colour picture of a sand table set up for it. (Though comparing it to the map I'm not 100% sure how it fits - unless the river isn't represented or I'm looking at it the wrong way round)...

A bit more from Sloman's book - a picture of and list of contents for the Gale & Polden Sand Model Set - may follow in due course.

I hope the Exercise makes an interesting read, and that the scans are adequate - very difficult to get the book flat enough without destroying the spine.

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