Thursday, 29 October 2009

Colonial Corner: Russian Advances Towards the North West Frontier of British India Part 1

By Ted Herbert
From Wargamer's Newsletter 119 February 1972

Ted Herbert is a stalwart of the Victorian Military Society, and wrote their (now out of print) Handbook of Colonial Wargaming. (I don't have this, in case anyone has a spare copy looking for a new home). At some point Ted became more often known as Edwin, and wrote the Second Anglo Boer War book in the Wargaming in History Series, published 1990, and two excellent Foundry books, Small Wars and Skirmishes 1902-18, published 2003, and Risings and Rebellions 1919 to 1939, published 2007, illustrated by Ian Heath.

I was intrigued when I came across these two articles, as I always had a similar project in mind when looking at the Jacklex adverts from the Harrow Model Soldier Shop in Airfix Magazine, to use their Russian figures.

This kind of article - well researched and written, with a slightly off beat subject - was always inspirational. Now I must go and look out those Jacklex Russians.

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