Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Scruby Convertables anyone?

This advert for Scruby 20mm "convertables" appeared in Table Top Talk for April-May 1963.

I've always found it very difficult to find pictures of Scruby figures, either on line or in print (apart from in John C Candler's Du Temps De Napoleon rules), and they seem very rare this side of the pond.

The figures in this battalion of Russian Grenadiers I assune to be Scruby 25mms, and I don't know if there were 25mm"convertables" - I certainly can't find them currently in production on Mike Taber's Historifigs site. The quality of casting on the figures when I got them leads me to believe they are unlikely to be originals. They came open handed with a separate musket attached to the base, but some of these did not survive too well so this unit is armed with all the odds and ends in the spares box. The officer in bicorne is defnitely a Scruby figure, though I'm not sure which one, and definitely not intended to be a Russian. Another open handed figure, I added his sword.

There are also a small number of Minifigs 20mm figures in this unit, including the second officer. They form the front line in the first picture.

Whatever they are, they have turned out nice and they are something different.

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