Friday, 1 May 2009

Two new series: At the Colonel's Table, and the War of the Bombar Succession

Two of the most-remembered and best loved series of articles in the Wargamer's Newsletter were Don Houghton's At the Colonel's Table and Neil Cogswell's War of the Bombar Succession.

The first article from each series has been posted below, and I will complete these series over the next weeks.

Because the quality of the original typescript for some of these articles is not wonderful, I have scanned them for optical character recognition and then imported the text into the posts. I have taken the opportunity to make some very slight amendments where this has clarified the sense. The text of posts in blogger don't have extensive formatting options but I have done my best to keep things readable.

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Rob said...

As a relative newcomer to the wargaming hobby can I just say thankyou for posting articles such as these from an era gone by!